Dental Clinic

Our Dental Services Include:

Routine Cleanings & Exams


Cavities Filled



Fluoride Treatment

Basic Periodontal Treatment

The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics estimates we spend over an hour a day eating and drinking. And, be honest, who doesn’t love chomping into a favorite meal or taking a snack break?

The best way to keep mealtime enjoyable is to have a healthy mouth so you can eat without worry! From regular cleanings to X-rays, help with cavities, preventive treatments, and more, our clinic offers high-quality care.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, uninsured patients, and private dental insurance, so no matter your insurance status, you are welcome at Christ Community.

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Experts continue to study possible links between oral health and other diseases, such as stroke, arthritis, and cardiovascular health. The Mayo Clinic says, “While there appears to be some connection … more research is needed to fully understand it.”