A family-friendly trail run for runners of all skill levels

Interested in sponsoring this event? Email contact@cchsaugusta.org and we’ll be in touch!

Event Details:

The size, scope, and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic finds communities like the CSRA in an ongoing state of uncertainty, with no clear picture of what the coming months will look like. Given this uncertainty—and our awareness of how difficult it is to make social gathering decisions at this point – we are sad to say we are cancelling the 2020 ‘Til the Cows Come Home 5k.

With that being said, we look forward to the 2021 ‘Til the Cows Come Home 5k next spring and hope to make it the best one yet! Thank you for your support and we will see you on the farm next year!

Six Reasons You Should Run:

1.) The average person walks a mile in 20 minutes. A 5K is 3.1 miles. That means you could WALK the course in about an hour – so you’ll be finished quickly!

2.) Friendly smiles all around and helpful staff, runners, and families

3.) Enjoy a beautiful spring evening

4.) Running on a softer surface (not pavement) so you can enjoy the run more

5.) It’s okay to walk during the race if you need a break – it’s perfect for beginners!

6.) You get to support Christ Community Health’s mission to care for the underserved in Augusta and the Physical Therapy program.